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CV 我的中英履歷表


(also known as May Sung)


Associate Professor

Department of History, FoGuang University, Taiwan

Curriculum Vitae

University lecturer and art historian specialising in William Blake studies and 17th-19th century British print and printmaking. Experiences include academic research, teaching, writing, translation, library cataloguing and museum work. Author of William Blake and the Art of Engraving (Pickering & Chatto, 2009), with special emphasis on Blake's engraved copper plates and the printmaking materials and techniques in context. Recent projects include research on metal plates and woodblocks for printing in the Houghton Library, Harvard University, the Huntington Library, LA and the Newcastle City Library, UK, with support of fellowships from Houghton, Huntington, Printing Historical Society (UK), Bibliographical Society of America, and the Ministry of Science and Technology (National Science Council) Taiwan. 

PhD: “Technical and Material Studies of William Blake’s Engraved Illustrations of the Book of Job (1826)”, Nottingham Trent University. (Guardian's report 2005)
MA in Advanced Art-Historical and Related Studies, with special emphasis on European and Asian Art, University of East Anglia.
Graduate Diploma in History of Art, University of East Anglia.
MA in Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University.
BA in Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University.

General Research Project, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan (2016-17)
General Research Project, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan (2015-16)
Grant for attending international conferences, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan (2015)
Mayers Fellowship, Huntington Library (2014-15)
General Research Project, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan (2013-14)
Printing Historical Society Grant for research (2013)
Specific-topic research project, National Science Council, Taiwan (2012-13)
The Talent Cultivation Project of Taiwanese Humanities and Art, Ministry of Education Advisory Office, Taiwan (2011-13)
Mayers Fellowship, Huntington Library (2011-12)
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowship, Huntington Library (2009-10)
Research Travel grant, British Academy (2009-10)

The BSA-ASECS Fellowship for Bibliographical Studies in the Eighteenth Century, The Bibliographical Society of America (BSA) in conjunction with The American Society of the Eighteenth Century Studies (ASECS) (2008)
Printing Historical Society Grant for research (2008)
Eleanor M. Garvey Fellowship in Printing and Graphic Arts, Houghton Library, Harvard University (2006-07)
Research Grant, Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, Yale University (2003)
British Association for Romantic Studies (BARS), Stephen Copley Research Award (2001)
Overseas Research Student (ORS) Award from Universities UK (formerly British Council/CCVP) (2000-01)
Thesis Award from the National Science Council of Taiwan, (1990)

Qualification of teaching Chinese Language, Taipei Language Institute (1993)
Lectureship of Chinese Literature, Taiwan Education Ministry (1989) 


Associate Professor, Department of History, FoGuang University, Taiwan (Feb. 2016-)
Assistant Professor, Department of History, FoGuang University, Taiwan (Feb. 2011-Jan. 2016)
Assistant Professor, Graduate Institute of Art History, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan (Sep. 2010-Jan. 2011, Sep. 2014-Jan. 2015)
Assistant Research Fellow, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan (Feb. 2010-Dec. 2010)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taiwan (Sep. 2009 - Jan. 2010)
Lecturer of Chinese Mandarin, School of Arts and Humanities, Nottingham Trent University, UK(Oct. 2007- Jun. 2009)
Research Assistant, “Blake on Display” Project, English Department, Nottingham Trent University, UK (2006)
Lecturer in Art History courses: Contextual and Professional Studies II Art History Component, History of the Visual Arts III, Faculty of Art and Design, De Montfort University, UK (2006)

Lecturer of Chinese literature, National Tsing Hua University: Mythology; Modern Novel, Taiwan (1993-1994)
Teacher of Chinese language, Taipei Language Institute, Taiwan (1993-1994)
Lecturer of Chinese literature, National Chiao Tung University: Classical & Modern Poems and Prose, Taiwan (1992-1993)
Lecturer of Chinese literature, Hsing Wu College, Taipei, Taiwan (1989-1991)


British Association of Romantic Studies (BARS)
Museum Association
Blake Society
Modern Language Association (MLA)

College Art Association (CAA)
Enlightenment and Romanticism Network (EARN)

Journal article: "New Information about William Blake's Pre-publication Proofs of his Job Engravings", Blake: An Illustrated Quarterly 49: 2 (October 2015) (A&HCI)

"Technical Argument: William Blake and the Art of Engraving", Reproduction, Representation and Communication: Print Culture 1600-1900, The University System of Taiwan & Yang-Ming University (Taipei, 2013), pp.57-100.

"Beyond Books and Cross-Continents: Cataloguing English Printing Copperplates and Woodblocks in American Library Collections", online Proceeding of ACAH/LibrAsia 2013, Osaka, Japan (2013), pp.112-122.

Book chapter, "Blake and Surrealism", in Steve Clark, Tristanne Connolly & Jason Whittaker (eds.), Blake 2.0: William Blake in twentieth-century art, music and culture (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012), pp.102-119. 

Monograph, William Blake and the Art of Engraving: Material, Technique, Critical Reception (London: Pickering & Chatto, History of the Book series, 2009) (Review by Professor Jason Whittaker)

Book chapter, “Blake and the Chinamen”, in Steve Clark & Masashi Suzuki (ed.) The Reception of Blake in the Orient (Continuum, 2006 & 2008), pp.63-76.

Book review of Sheila A. Spector's "Wonders Divine": The Development of Blake’s Kabbalistic Myth (2001), Studies in Romanticism, Vol. 42, No. 4 (winter 2003), pp.579-84.

Book and exhibition review: "Blake and the Apocalypse Tradition: A Review of The Apocalypse and the Shape of Things to Come: A Millennium Exhibition in the British Museum (17, December, 1999 – 24, April, 2000)", Blake: An Illustrated Quarterly, Vol. 35, No. 2 (Fall 2001), pp.61-63.

Monograph, The Biography of Chen Ti, a Chinese Phonetician of the Seventeenth Century (Taipei: You-She Cultural Issue Company, Jan. 1995). 

Chinese translation of Leo Hollis, London Rising: The Five Men Who Made Modern London (Taipei: Owl Publishing, 2011) 
Chinese translation of Alice Waters, The Art of Simple Food (Taipei: Owl Publishing, 2010).
Chinese translation of Stephen Greenblatt, Will in the World: How Shakespeare became Shakespeare (Taipei: Owl Publishing, July 2007).

PhD thesis: "Technical and Material Studies of William Blake's Engraved Illustrations of the Book of Job (1826)", Nottingham Trent University (2005).(Guardian's report 2005)
MA Thesis, "A Comparative Study of the Narrative Art in Medieval Europe and Tibet", University of East Anglia (1995)
MA Thesis, "A Study of the Poetry of Meng-Chuang Wu", National Taiwan University (1989)


"Teaching History or Retelling ancient stories with pictures: William Blake and the school version of Virgil", ECAH (The European Conference on Arts & Humanities), iafor (The International Academic Forum), The Jury's Inn Brighton, UK (11-12 July 2017) 
"Collecting Romanticism in the History of Print", Romantic Legacies, EARN (Enlightenment and Romanticism Network), National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan (18-19 Nov. 2016)
"Constructing a miniature history of printing with the woodblock collection at the Huntington Library", BSECS (British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies) Annual Conference, Oxford, UK (6-8 Jan. 2016)
"The Private War of a long 18th-century collection - History of the Armstrong Woodblocks at the Huntington Library", BSECS (British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies) Annual Conference, Oxford, UK (6-8 Jan. 2015)
"The Production of Books for 'Instruction & Amusement' in the long 18th-century Britain - Woodblocks for chapbook illustrations at the Huntington Library", BSECS (British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies) Annual Conference, Oxford, UK (8-10 Jan. 2014)
"Beyond Books and Cross-Continents: Cataloguing English printing copperplates and woodblocks in American library collections", ACAH/LibrAsia 2013, Osaka, Japan (4-7 April 2013).
"Blake & Surrealism", Reception Studies Conference, Northwest Missouri State University (8-10 Sept. 2011).
"A Virgil Woodcut after Blake", 'Blake at 250' Conference, York University (30 July – 1 August 2007).
"Liberated from Rossetti: Re-titling Blake's 'Hecate'", BARS/NASSR conference "Emancipation, Liberation, Freedom", Bristol University, UK (26-29 July 2007).
"William Blake and the Potteries: Transfer-printing, Copper Plate Engraving and some London and Midlands Correspondences," "Romantic Correspondence(s)", Newstead Abbey/ Nottingham Trent University/ Nottingham University, UK (4 Nov. 2005).
"Blake and Wedgwood: the printing industry between London and the Midlands," British Association for Romantic Studies: "The Debatable Land", University of Northumbria, Newcastle, UK (28-31 July 2005).
"Blake's Copper Plates," "William Blake at Work", organised by Tate conservation scientists and Nottingham Trent University, Tate Britain, London, UK (30 April 2004).
"Blake and the Chinamen," "Blake and the Orient", Kyoto University, Japan (29-30 Nov. 2003). 

"The Experiments of Colour Printing and Blake Studies," "Blake Symposium: Large Colour Prints", Tate Britain, London, UK (23 Feb. 2002).
"A Reconsideration of the Execution and Conception: The Evidence of Blake’s Job Copperplates," "Friendly Enemies: Blake and the Enlightenment", Essex University, UK (24-26 Aug. 2000).

"The Problems of cataloguing printing surfaces for libraries and museums", Workshop "The Matrix Reloaded: Establishing Cataloguing and Research Guidelines for Artefacts of Printing Images", School of Advanced Study, University of London, UK (22 Sep. 2017)
"Bewick's Dance of Death in question", Study group of the British 19th-century culture and literature, National Taiwan University (19 May 2017)
"Charnley-Dodd woodblocks at the Huntington Library", Charnley-Dodd woodblock Workshop, Weston Library, Oxford University, UK (17 June 2016)
"Blake and Bewick", The Enlightenment and Romanticism Network, National Chenchi University, Taiwan (March 2016)
“William Blake and the printmaking industries in 18th century Britain”, Graduate Institute of Art Studies, National Central University, Taiwan (Oct. 2010)
“Writing articles for SSCI and A&HCI periodicals”, National Taiwan University of Arts (Dec. 2009)
"William Blake's Art of Prints: Current Issue and Debate", MA course “History of British Art 1750-1850”, Department of Fine Art, National Taiwan Normal University (Dec. 2007)
“William Blake, Printmaker”, part of the seminar series “Radical Recoveries (1650-1850)”, English Department, Nottingham Trent University (2007)
“William Blake, Printmaker”, English Department, St. Mary’s College, University of Surrey (May 2002)

History of British Art
History of Print and Printmaking
History of Western Art
History of Modern European and American Art
History of Asian Art
Historical Objects and Museum Practice
World Cultural Heritage
Introduction to Historiography of Image
History of Britain
History and Culture of Modern West
Introduction and Practice of History
Chinese Literature
Chinese Mandarin
Chinese Version


藝術史學者,專研威廉‧布雷克、英國十八與十九世紀藝術史、版畫史。經驗包括學術研究、教學、博物館工作、圖書館編目、翻譯、編輯、中英文學術出版等。學術專書《布雷克與版畫藝術》(英國Pickering & Chatto 出版社,2009)專研布雷克的版畫原銅雕版,其材質、技巧與歷史背景。最近的研究計劃為哈佛大學浩騰古籍圖書館與洛杉磯杭廷頓圖書館所收藏之西洋版畫銅版與木版,本研究感謝浩騰圖書館、杭廷頓圖書館、美國圖書目錄學會、英國印刷歷史學會、臺灣行政院科技部(國家科學委員會)的獎助支持。


臺灣行政院科技部(前國家科學委員會)一般型研究計畫補助 (2016-2017)
臺灣行政院科技部(前國家科學委員會)一般型研究計畫補助 (2015-2016)
臺灣行政院科技部:國內專家學者出席國際學術會議補助 (2015)
美國洛杉磯杭廷頓圖書館:梅爾茲研究獎 (2014-15)
臺灣行政院科技部(前國家科學委員會)一般型研究計畫補助 (2013-2014)
英國印刷歷史學會研究獎 (2013-2014)
臺灣行政院國家科學委員會新進人員研究計畫補助 (2012-2013)
臺灣教育部顧問室強化臺灣特色之人文藝術及社會科學基礎應用人才培育計畫:應用能力系列課程案補助 (2011-2013)
美國洛杉磯杭廷頓圖書館:梅爾茲研究獎 (2011-12)
英國人文社會科學院:研究旅費補助獎 (2009-10)
美國洛杉磯杭廷頓書圖書館:安德魯麥倫研究獎 (2009-10)
英國印刷歷史學會研究獎 (2008-9)
美國圖書目錄學會/美國十八世紀研究學會,十八世紀目錄學研究獎 (2008-9)
美國哈佛大學浩騰古籍圖書館:印刷版畫藝術研究獎 (2006-7)
耶魯大學:保羅麥倫研究獎 (2003)
英國浪漫主義協會:史蒂芬考普力研究獎 (2001)
英國大學:海外研究生獎 (2000-1)
臺灣國家科學委員會:論文獎 (1990)


《布雷克約伯記插畫材料與技巧研究》,英國諾丁罕泉河大學英文/藝術史博士論文 (2005年英國衛報報導)

英文期刊論文:「威廉布雷克約伯記版畫試版新發現」,美國《布雷克季刊》49: 2 (2015年10月) (A&HCI 期刊)
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英文學術專書: 《布雷克與版畫藝術》,英國出版社 Pickering & Chatto (2009) (英國Jason Whittaker教授書評)
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「版畫家布雷克」,英國瑟蕊大學聖馬利亞學院英文系 (2002年5月)

版畫藝術史 (北藝大美術史研究所)
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